This is a certain large-sized stationery specialty store “Daimaru Fujii CENTRAL” from 120 years before in Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido in Japan.

The first floor has character goods which are popular in Japan, the stationery for children, a wrist watch, and a photo frame. There is a postcard of the scenery of Hokkaido.

The second floor has a fountain pen, a ball-point, a wallet, and a business notebook. There are a bag, a wallet, etc. which the horse implement maker of Hokkaido made.

The second floor is stationery.

The third floor has a frame for putting in and decorating the tool of pictures, a poster, and a picture, the tool of comics, a picture, a photograph, and a testimonial.

The fourth floor has hanging scroll, calligraphy tools, Japanese paper goods, chopsticks, and Japanese wrapping cloth ‘furoshiki’, Folding fan, Daruma doll, and lucky cat ‘manekineko’, ukiyoe goods, and other Japanese traditional toys.
There are many optimal souvenirs for the tourist from a foreign country.
There is a ramen-noodles store which invented miso-flavored ramen first in Japan.

Basement has many kinds of papers, origami, Figured paper, a seal, a doorplate, and bridal goods.
There is service of business card printing, postcard printing, digital camera photograph printing, bookbinding, paper coating, lamination, etc.

The seventh floor is a gallery.
Artists of Hokkaido, such as a prominent artist, a young artist, a student, and a housewife, hold an exhibition here.
An exhibition is various, such as pictures, calligraphy, a china, woodwork, a doll, and a flower.
We closed every Monday.
A talk show, a concert, a workshop, etc. are sometimes opened.
Please experience the art culture of Hokkaido.
Free Entrance.
(Some exhibitions require Entrance Fee.)

If you come to Sapporo in Hokkaido, please come to “Daimaru Fujii CENTRAL.”
I am waiting for your coming to the store from the bottom of my heart.



English Map

Opening Hours 10:00 – 19:00
Address 2,West3, South1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo.
Tel 011-231-1131